BLADE 2016

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since is posted last, so here's an update from my recent shenanigans. I just got back from BLADE Show as well as spending some quality time with fellow makers and friends up in Connecticut.
Firstly, BLADE was awesome, as was expected. I love going to shows because it gives me the opportunity to put my mug in front of my work, as well as the opportunity to talk to folks face to face and share my love and enthusiasm for the bladesmithing trade. BLADE doubly is an awesome opportunity to catch up with fellow makers and friends that I really only get to see once or twice a year. It's also a great chance meet and make new friends, and to get all fan-boy over the many makers who's work I admire. 

The boys of Forged In Fire, and yes, Jason Redick really is that much taller than all of us.

My sister Tiare Maumasi and I holding it down for all the BLADE attendees.

From top left going clockwise: My self threatening to cut my good buddy and awesome maker, Jason Knight; hangin with fellow Forged In Fire alums; photo op with FIF judge Doug Marcaida; myself and fellow chef's knife maker Don Nguyen brandishing each others work.


Following BLADE Show, I road tripped with the boys from Dragon's Breath Forge to hang out, play with steel and share knowledge. I built a practice Journeyman-smith performance test blade, I got to learn about making crucible steel and much more. I got to share some of my damascus making knowledge and and got to hang with some really great guys. Mace Vitale even made it up to visit.

 From L to R: Peter Swarz-Burt, Jamie Lundell, myself, and Mace Vitale


 I even got to meet a mutually admired chef's knife maker named Andy Billipp at his farm, whom also hails form CT. Awesome hard working guy with great skills.

All and all, a lot of fun was had and great memories were made, but I am very happy to be home with my family, and back to the grind.


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