Mareko Maumasi

Mareko Maumasi is a bladesmith and  Damascus wizard from Olympia, WA. A constant artist and innovator, Mareko has always enjoyed working with his hands to create something from nothing.

When he was young, he enjoyed drawing and building things and as he got older, he delved into the realm of food. In his early 20s, he was working in kitchens around Olympia, when he met his mentor, Master Smith Bob Kramer. Mareko’s apprenticeship with Bob changed his life and gave him the amazing foundation that kicked off his knife-making career.

Nearly every day, Mareko is in the shop, dreaming and creating. He believes that this is the kind of work that should be shared with anyone who is willing to learn and is striving to be the #1 resource for knives in the world. His goal is to always be searching for, and applying, the best ideas, to see change as a growth opportunity, to learn from his mistakes and to share what he learns with others so that everyone can grow together.


Sarah Maumasi Photo

Sarah Maumasi is Mareko's partner in crime and the half of the duo behind everything administration, from the website to the newsletter to making sure every order you place is taken care of in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Sarah is a writer and teacher by trade and has joined Mareko to help bring Maumasi Fire Arts to the next level. She is very excited about everything Maumasi Fire Arts has in store for knife enthusiasts and fellow makers alike. We are committed to raising up our community, locally and globally, in every way possible.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!