Knife Care

Like any quality, hand-made item, Maumasi knives will perform better and last longer when given proper care and treatment. Here are some tips to help you keep your knife in tip-top condition.

  • Hand-wash (or at least rinse & wipe dry) the blade of your knife after and between uses. Carbon has a tendency to react with acidic foods (especially fruits & proteins). Keeping your knife clean helps lower the reaction time.
  • DO NOT allow food and excess moisture to remain on your blade as this will cause your knife to corrode and begin to rust.
  • NEVER put your knife through the dishwasher or allow it to rest or soak in any water. This is extremely hard on all of the materials in your knife.
  • ALWAYS make sure your knife is completely dry before storing it.

Patina: Over time and use your knife will develop a thin coating, called a patina, on the blade, which is caused by the reaction between the metal, the foods you are cutting and the surrounding air. Each patina is unique and is a good thing as it will help protect your knife from unnecessary corrosion.

Handle Wood: Most of the handle wood I use is stabilized, however if your knife has an unstabilized wood (such as Ebony or Cocobolo) it is good practice to keep it well-oiled to prevent dryness or cracking. I recommend Tried & True Danish Oil or Camellia Oil (available on

Storage: To protect your knifeā€™s edge and keep it sharper longer, I recommend storing your knife in a universal knife block, on a magnetic bar or keeping it in a plastic edge guard.

Maintenance: Take care of your knife and it will take care of you! Routine maintenance is essential to keeping your knife in prime condition.