You may be asking yourself, “What exactly am I looking at?” Well, you are looking at the very first bladesmithing materials purchased for Maumasi Fire Arts! Pictured are bars of 5160 high carbon steel, 1095 tool steel, 15N20 high carbon steel, and some copper screw rivets. My plan with the 5160 is to build some stock removal knives (stock removal literally meaning: removing material from the bar stock by drilling and grinding it away), and to use the other two to forge damascus steel for later use as a knife. The copper screw rivets that are used to hold the handle material in place while it’s being glued up. The rivets also add security and strength to the handle and knife for the duration of it’s life. Over time the copper will pick up a burnished appearance, which essentially means it’ll darken and have and antique or aged look over time and use.

I look forward to the time and work that will go into shaping and changing these individual pieces into a singular, harmonious work or craftsmanship.

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